APR’s business is to bring customers from development to serial production in the following 3 areas:


  • Critical rotating parts (impellers, BLISKs, IBRs)
  • Aero-Engines components, assy and accessory for gas turbines, transmissions and fluid systems
  • Aero-Structures components and assy for cockpit, fuselage and horizontal stabilizer: Window Frames, Jack screws, Pivot Fittings, Rat Fittings, Brackets, Beams
  • blisk for aero market
  • Low pressure turbine
  • Low pressure turbine


Design & Manufacturing of Fluidodinamic Equipment:
Leveraging on a strong manufacturing footprint of highly critical rotating parts, APR brings to the Space Industry its expertise and skills on customized solutions and services for fluidodinamic systems and propulsion applications such as hydraulic valves and hydraulic pumps, inducers, impellers and volute pumps


APR has grown with a great focus on 5 axes simultaneous machining dedicated to rotating parts manufacturing for the Power Generation, Offshore and Marine industry.

APR is able to supply single parts and production for highly complex components sculptured out of a forging or bar, such as:

  • Impellers
  • Bladed disks
  • Rotors and Vanes
  • Inducers
  • Diffusers