Industrialization Services

APR’s skill in the use of the main production technology softwares, merged with its internal manufacturing capabilities, is tailored to help its customer’s facilities optimise their manufacturing process or industrialize new parts, thanks to the match between almost any production need and a flexible approah that can be tailored to it.

That is what we call ‘ Concurrent Manufacturing Engineering ’ tailored to provide complete 'turn-key' industrialization services for unmanned manufacturing, with the following approach:

• Study of the method and technology proposal;
• 3D CAD modeling of the complete manufacturing system;
• 5ax CAM, machining simulation and post processing;
• Tooling and Cutting Tools design and construction;
• Tools tests and improvement in our facility (by Concurrent Engineering with first class tool producers);
• First part execution at the customer facility (including in-process measure probing);
• Training on the job to the customer’s operators.

A dramatic reduction of operation time and a complete unmanned production are targets usually achieved.
In one word: SOLUTION.

The main field of application consists of aerospace critical components where the integration of brand new manufacturing technologies.

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