R&D and Innovation

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein)

APR is committed to improve its competitive level by exploring new manufacturing methods and implement them after having assessed their effectiveness and reliability, according to customers' approval.

And more, APR is willing to pursue the strategy of participating in important Collaborative Aerospace Projects seeking two kinds of CROSS-FERTILIZATION:
- close interaction between primary aerospace players, Industrial and Academic, and SME;
- the needs and expectations of the Aerospace community frequently anticipate those of other industries, on high-level applications.

In addition, a SME can get significant plus from Collaborative Projects, where only lead-players can explore and integrate:
- wider science horizons
- long-term market trends and environment expectations
- the management of complex Systems

Thanks to this, APR increased its technology level by:
  • putting innovation and R&D results into every day activity;

  • benchmarking its technology level with state of the art players;

  • achieving collaborations with Universities and R&D centers;

  • networking with horizontal and vertical clusters of SMEs in Italy and abroad;

  • This is why APR is open to partner in European, National and Regional co-funded Research Projects.

    GREAT 2020 - Piedmont Aerospace District

    >>Link to YouTube video

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