Rotating Parts

Thanks to the smart balance between the long experience of some of its specialists in the aeronautical domain and the enthusiasm of a skilled team of engineers, APR has grown with a great focus on five axes simultaneous machining dedicated to rotating parts manufacturing.
Starting from the 3D CAD model (or any other text-file geometry) APR is able to supply SINGLE PARTS AND PRODUCTION for highly complex components sculptured out of a forging or bar, such as:
• Integrally bladed disks / rotors
• Impellers
• Airfoils
• Other products (inducers, diffusers, integrally shrouded impellers...)

APR’s machining centers capacity can provide parts up to 1200 mm diameter (47,2 inches), both by flank and point milling in HSC technology, in a wide range of materials: stainless steels, high refractory alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys.
If requested APR can supply complete components to the customer, starting from raw material, through non-destructive test and special processes.

APR 's integrated solutions are required by the following industries:
• Aero Engines
• Space
• Power Generation
• Offshore & Marine

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